New Build Solicitors in Stafford, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke on Trent & Alsager

At Nowell Meller, we have a dedicated New Build team acting for developers and individuals on new build residential properties.

Our clients range from property developers who have years of experience in building bespoke estates to individuals who are looking to obtain planning permission to construct a new build on a part of their garden land.

No matter what our client’s knowledge or journey, our New Build team at our Newcastle-under-Lyme, Alsager and Stafford offices, guide our clients through each stage by:

  • acting on the original land purchase
  • advising on wayleaves, highway agreements
  • undertaking the site set up in readiness for plot sales
  • setting up a management company for private roads
  • selling the plots after construction

For expert help with any new build matter, please contact our New Build team on 01785 252377 for Stafford, 01782 987551 for Newcastle-under-Lyme,  or 01270 446260 for Alsager.

Our New Build team approach

Our team has an eye for detail and we will always visit a site, not just at the beginning when our clients are considering a purchase, but throughout the life of the project.   We are down to earth and practical and our clients like our considered and dynamic approach to projects.  

When we are setting up a site for sale, we spend time with our clients looking at the estate plans to decide matters such as boundary responsibility, maintenance of landscaped parts, covenants to be imposed etc as well as preparing a detailed information booklet to help buyer’s Solicitors.   We sit in the buyer Solicitor’s chair and provide answers to questions we know they will ask on behalf of their clients.   So, for example, if a management company is to be incorporated to look after a private roadway after the last plot has been sold, we detail how this will work in practice and what the new residents will be expected to undertake when our client’s have finished the development.

We meet with our clients at a location and time to suit them and we liaise closely with our client’s professional team such as their planning expert, architect and lenders.

For further help with any new build property matter, please contact our New Build Solicitors on 01785 252377 for Stafford, 01782 987551 for Newcastle-under-Lyme,  or 01270 446260 for Alsager.

Our New Build team

Our specialist New Build team in Stafford and Stoke on Trent can help with a range of development matters including:

  • pre-emption agreements
  • overage agreements
  • joint venture contracts
  • promotion agreements
  • option to purchase
  • conditional contracts subject to planning

Why the Nowell Meller New Build team is the right choice for you

We act for a wide range of clients, with some working with Nowell Meller for decades.  Every development we have acted on, has been very different which makes each project unique and exciting. 

Our residential developers tend to build niche sites within anything from 2 – 14 properties around Staffordshire, Staffordshire Moorlands and Cheshire and they construct bungalows, semi-detached or detached homes and apartments.

There are many challenges facing developers of smaller projects which is why our team is very “hands on”. Planning legislation is complex which is why we work closely with our client’s planning experts and architects. The development itself may have a number of challenges regarding wildlife and habitat, drainage, protection of trees, public footpaths, connection to services etc and so at the outset of any new project, we take time to understand each site’s obstacles to guide our clients accordingly.

We support clients from a variety of backgrounds and whether our client is an experienced developer or just starting out, we treat all of our clients, no matter what their background or knowledge, with respect and understanding. Usually when instructed, many of our clients have spent considerable time and energy finding the right plot of land to build and then perhaps agreeing finance to support their project and so our proactive and dynamic approach is well respected.

For further expert advice please contact one of our teams on 01785 252377 for Stafford, 01782 987551 for Newcastle-under-Lyme,  or 01270 446260 for Alsager.

We don’t sit behind our desks either and we meet with our clients at a location to suit them.  We undertake site visits where necessary and have many years’ experience of climbing over gates and fences to walk boundaries!

Our teams are also excellent communicators and negotiators and as no one development is ever the same, we provide a bespoke approach for every client.

Clients return to us and recommend our team because of our commitment to them and their development business. Quite simply, we care – so please feel free to give us a call on 01785 252377 for Stafford, 01782 987551 for Newcastle-under-Lyme,  or 01270 446260 for Alsager.

Providing a bespoke service and estimate of fees

Please feel free to call our specialist New Build team and outline your proposed project.

We will ask lots of questions about your development plans. We are happy to meet you face to face if necessary, so that we can provide a bespoke estimate.  You may call a number of firms where they don’t take this approach and give you a fee structure which simply doesn’t fit the bill.  This is not how we do things at Nowell Meller which is why we see the importance of getting the detail right from day one.

Last, but not least, our clients appreciate our down to earth, plain speaking attitude. It is not our job as lawyers to make complicated legal principles any more complicated. It is our role to explain those legal points in a way every single client understands.

Speak to our New Build team in Stafford, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Alsager.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss our services in more detail, then please do not hesitate to call our team on 01785 252377 for Stafford, 01782 987551 for Newcastle-under-Lyme,  or 01270 446260 for Alsager for an appointment.