We work hard to give our clients the best information possible in relation to the cost of the work that we are doing for them, both at the start of the work and on an ongoing basis as the work progresses.

However, the nature of our work means that in many cases the best that we can do is to provide a realistic estimate of the likely costs based on the information provided by our clients at the start of the process and on the assumption that the case proceeds in accordance with the agreed plan.

In some cases, were the work is more routine in nature, we may be able to provide either fixed fees (for the entire matter or for distinct stages of the matter) or more clarity with a narrower range of pricing.

The links below will take you to a page where we outline the price (fixed fee or a range) along with more certainty around the key stages of some of the more common types of work that we undertake. We also clarify some of the charges that are NOT included in our fee e.g. Stamp Duty Land Tax if you are buying a property or court fees in any litigation.

If you have any immediate questions on this topic please do not hesitate to email us at

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