Dispute Resolution

Specialist Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Stafford, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke on Trent & Alsager

As dispute specialists in Staffordshire, Newcastle-under-Lyme & Alsager we guide clients with a pragmatic and sensible approach to ensure that their dispute is resolved in a way that is right for them.

We recognise that not every client will want to become involved with lengthy and sometimes costly litigation and that compromise is often the best way forward for them.  However, sometimes litigation is necessary to achieve the desired result.

We understand that a dispute can be a distraction and cause disruption to our clients’ lives and the running of their businesses.  We work with our clients to find appropriate solutions promptly, whilst ensuring that we have all the relevant information to be able to advise on the strength of their case.

Whether your dispute relates to land, a contract or a disagreement between business partners, our specialist solicitors can help by contacting us on 01785 252377 for Stafford, 01782 987551 for Newcastle-under-Lyme,  or 01270 446260 for Alsager.

Our Disputes team approach

Inevitably with disputes work, we are often contacted when things have gone wrong or disagreements have come to a head.  Initially our clients often have a limited understanding of their rights which makes the thought of advancing or responding to a dispute a stressful and emotional experience.

At Nowell Meller we believe it is our role to simplify the process, keep our clients fully informed and to take a commercial, dynamic and proactive approach to resolving each dispute. 

We would also advise anyone who is involved in a situation that they believe may develop into a legal dispute to contact us as soon as possible so that we can help to ensure that the initial communication is both unambiguous and productive.

We have helped many clients to resolve a dispute before matters become entrenched, removing a lot of worry and uncertainty in those early stages.

Speak to the team today on 01785 252377 for Stafford, 01782 987551 for Newcastle-under-Lyme,  or 01270 446260 for Alsager.

Our Dispute Services

Our specialist disputes team can help with a range of disputes including those relating to:

If the dispute that you are involved with is not mentioned above, please do get in touch as it is likely that we will be able to assist.

Why the Nowell Meller Disputes team is the right choice for you

We have experience of dealing with a wide range of disputes, each with their own complexities.

Our team are also excellent communicators and negotiators and recognise that each client will have their own priorities and concerns in resolving the dispute, because of this we provide a bespoke approach for every client.

Providing a bespoke service and estimate of fees

Please feel free to call our specialist team and outline your dispute.

We will ask some initial questions so that we have a detailed understanding of the issues and are able to provide a bespoke estimate based on all the relevant facts.

Our clients appreciate our down to earth, plain speaking attitude.  It is not our job as lawyers to make a difficult situation any more complicated. It is our role to explain the relevant legal points in a way that every single client understands so that they can properly make the right decisions for them.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss our services in more detail, then please do not hesitate to call our disputes team on 01785 252377 for Stafford, 01782 987551 for Newcastle-under-Lyme,  or 01270 446260 for Alsager.