Nowell Meller supports Masiki

Nowell Meller supports Masiki

We have recently supported the Masiki initiative which in turn, becomes part of the Cycle of Good helping beneficiaries become suppliers.

Each mask purchased helps to pay for a young apprentice in Malawi to learn about tailoring and design and funds charity work in a children’s centre in Malawi. Not only that, for every mask sold a face mask is given to someone who needs it.

The anti-microbial face covering is made from rescued plastic bottles which are keeping the environment and oceans clean. Each mask is 100% recyclable! Every mask can be fully recycled back to the original material ready to start again.

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Masiki face coverings are enhanced by Swiss engineered HeiQ Viroblock textile technology to protect them against contamination by microbes and germs.

HeiQ Viroblock uses only bio-based and recycled ingredients, the technology is certified as safe and sustainable. This innovative, patent-applied Swiss textile technology safeguards your face-covering against microbes and germs making your Masiki more hygienic when you put it in your pocket or bag.

The masks are soft, extremely comfortable and look great too! Nowell Meller are very proud to support Masiki.

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You can read more about Cycle of Good and Masiki here: