LAND DISPUTES - The Price of Principle

LAND DISPUTES - The Price of Principal

There is something about land and property that gets under people’s skin.  Even the most rational individual can discover their neighbour’s hedge is 30cm on the wrong side of the boundary – and explode in a rage.

However, it is not just hedges that get tempers flaring, as the property disputes section of our website explains.  Our specialist Solicitors are on hand to advise you on any property dispute.

At Nowell Meller we believe in acting in a client’s best interests.  Sometimes that means fighting a client’s corner with every tool we have, but on other occasions it means protecting a client from themselves.

Property disputes are notoriously heated and costly.  Our specialist Solicitors can advise you at the outset on the strength of your position, so that you can make the best choice on how to proceed. 

Often an informal round-table meeting can bring two sides together and reach a resolution.  After all nobody wants a dispute on their doorstep.  Contact us now to discuss the options available to you on either 01782 813315 or 01785 252377 or by email to or