Client Feedback On Our Growth And Relocation To Newcastle

Client Feedback On Our Growth And Relocation To Newcastle

We have received some truly lovely words from one of our longstanding clients, Bob Cliff, about our current growth and relocation.

We can ensure every single client that our ties to Burslem and the Burslem community will remain strong and forever in the heart of Nowell Meller.


As a retired trader, boasting a couple of hundred years of family connections with Burslem, I was sad to learn that you intend to relocate. Burslem will miss Nowell Meller for their friendliness, approachability and undoubted efficiency of service.

Not only will clients miss you, but also the many charitable and worthy causes that have received constant but discreet help from your company. I applaud you on the reason for relocation, in that the practice has outgrown the premises, something of which you should feel justly proud. Wherever you move to will be their gain and our loss.

However, after speaking to one of the Directors I was reassured with the knowledge that although you may be physically moving, you have no intention of severing the links that you have created within the town and that you will still be located within North Staffordshire.

The assistance given to and the relationship formed with Swan Bank will continue, the food banks will still receive donations and I believe that staff members intend to form a group which will work within the community, of which Burslem will certainly be included.

So, I would like to wish you continued success and look forward to our paths crossing in the not-so-distant future.

Very kind regards and good wishes

Bob Cliff

Cliffs of Burslem