Sahira Shaheen

Caseworker - Wills and Probate

Sahira is a Caseworker in the Wills and Probate Department and is based at our Stafford Office. She works with Director Jane Matthewman and alongside Solicitor Jemma Blake also at our Stafford office.

Sahira can assist and advise in relation to:

  • Powers of Attorney – Sahira will assist you with Lasting Powers of Attorney for both Property and Finance and Health and Welfare. Sahira can also assist on registering both Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorney with the Office of Public Guardian.
  • Simple or complex Wills – Sahira will assist you with putting your Wills into place, whether simple or complex, and will advise on any associated tax planning.
  • Administration of Estates – Sahira will deal with the full administration of the deceased’s estate and provide necessary advice to the personal representatives. Sahira will also obtain grants of probate (where the deceased left a Will) and Letters of Administration (where the deceased did not leave a Will).

Clients: Sahira acts for individual clients in all capacities, whether that be as Executor, Administrator, Beneficiary or Attorney.

Sahira's Approach: Sahira is client-focused, approachable and professional. She understands that her clients may often be vulnerable or facing a difficult time in their lives and is empathic towards this. Sahira recognises that every client’s situation is unique and works to tailor her approach to suit the client’s needs and expectations.

Sahira was born and raised in Staffordshire and still resides within the local area.

Sahira enjoys reading, walking and socialising with family and friends.

Nowell Meller Journey: Sahira joined Nowell Meller in November 2020 as part of the Wills and Probate Team.