THE FAST PACE OF LIFE JEMMA BLAKE on the importance of making a Will

THE FAST PACE OF LIFE JEMMA BLAKE on the importance of making a Will

Jemma says "I see so many clients who tell me how relieved they feel after they've made their Will, that I wish so many more people would set time - and maybe fears - aside to enjoy that feeling.    

There are a wide range of reasons (or perhaps excuses?) that we can all come up with as to why we put off certain decisions in life - whether it is getting fit, sorting out family conflicts, getting finances in order or addressing health concerns - I'm sure we all have a big "tick box" of "Things to Do". 

Yet making a Will is one of those things on the list that we need to get ticked off sooner rather than later.  Whilst it is certainly untrue that the moment someone makes a Will, they are bound to get knocked over by a bus the following day - none of us know what life holds around the corner and having such an important document in place - which clearly sets out YOUR WISHES - cannot be underestimated.   

There are also alot of mis-understanding where families genuinely believe that if they, or a loved one, passes away - everything will be straight forward without a Will.  I can absolutely assure anyone reading this page, this is not the case. 

The cost of making a Will with Nowell Meller is not expensive and both myself and my colleague Chelsie Cook (based at our Stoke on Trent office) always spend time with clients carefully explaining the purpose behind a Will (such as appointing Executors who you trust to deal with your estate) and making it fit for your purpose and circumstances.  

The picture on the home page can sometimes represent how we all feel in life - like we are carrying lots of things around with us which need to be sorted out and that life is going by at such a fast pace.  If you or a family member or friend feel this way and you do not have a Will, then please get in touch with me or Chelsie and get a really important document ticked off your "Must Do" list.

Jemma is based at our Stafford office and can be contacted on 01785 252377 or email Jemma

Chelsie is based at our Stoke on Trent office and can be contacted on 01782 813315 or email Chelsie

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