DISPUTES CAN WE HELP YOU - If in doubt always ask

DISPUTES CAN WE HELP YOU - If in doubt always ask

The first question a new enquiry often asks our Dispute Resolution department is, “Is this something that you can help me with?”

In the majority of cases the answer will be “yes”.  Our Dispute Resolution Team is experienced in a vast range of civil and employment disputes. 

However, there are many rare and complex areas of law and our specialist Solicitors are used to researching these to get you the help and advice you need.  Plus, as experienced litigators, we also have the skills to put that knowledge to best use in the event of a claim.

Often problems arise when people have a legal problem and don’t get legal advice early enough, either because of the cost or because they don’t know who can help them.

At Nowell Meller Solicitors we offer an initial fixed fee appointment to talk through any issues and advise you on your options.  Often paying a small fee at the outset can help you to avoid paying huge amounts in the end.  Contact us now to discuss the options available to you on either 01782 813315 or 01785 252377 or by email to jonathan.peck@nowellmeller.co.uk or tracey@nowellmeller.co.uk.