Commercial property law can be complex and requires specialist skill and expertise. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help your transaction progress smoothly and to avoid potential pitfalls. We can help with:-

  • Property Sales and Acquisitions
  • Landlord and Tenant matters
  • Development of commercial and residential land
  • Commercial finance
  • Options, Joint Ventures, Promotion Agreements
  • Advice to Charities regarding property
  • Advice to Pension Schemes re property transactions

Please see further information below providing in more detail the range of services we offer.   To have a chat initially with the senior members of our team please do not hesitate to contact :

Debby Hackney - Tel 01782 813315 - or email Debby

Steve Kirwan - Tel 01782 813315 - or email Steve

Property acquisitions  - whether you are looking to buy your first commercial property - or expand your current business premises,  our dedicated team has decades of land law experience.   We are very good with the detail !  Even from the point when you call for an estimate, we spend time asking questions about the premises - where it is - what it's used for - what you want to use it for - why you have chosen this particular premises/location - etc.   We don't just sit behind the desk dealing with your transaction - we will come to meet you at your business premises and undertake site visits wherever this is possible.    We will clearly explain the process with regard to title checks, searches and the purpose of commercial enquiries and obtaining from the seller all the information they should provide as owner of the property.  We are hands on to guide you every step of the way through to completion.   We have a reputation of dealing quickly and pro-actively without cutting corners.   

Property sales - whether you are looking to sell your business premises via a commercial agent or through an auction, we can help.   Don't leave it until you have a sale agreed to instruct solicitors - this can cause considerable delay - especially if there are issues with your title that you may not be aware of.   Whilst we appreciate clients wish to minimise initial costs when selling a premises, instructing your solicitors at an early stage is invaluable.  It enables us to prepare a comprehensive commercial sales pack including the contract, title and detailed replies to commercial enquiries.   If all of that is put together at an early stage, once a suitable offer has been made and accepted, we can send the pack out immediately, enabling your buyer solicitors to submit searches.   If you have a mortgage over your premises, we will liase with your business relationship manager to obtain settlement figures for your approval and discharge the mortgage on completion. 

Landlord & Tenant - we have many years experience acting for landlords and tenants.  We have experience dealing with new leases, renewals, rent reviews, variations, rent deposit deeds, surrenders, licences for alterations, licences to assign and assignments of leases, service of Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 Notices.  In addition, we can help with landlord and tenant disputes.   Whatever the nature of your landlord or tenant enquiry, there will be an experienced member of our team who can assist. 

Development - we have acted for a number of local developers for many years - both residential and commercial.   We have many years experience in acquiring land and then setting the site up for rental investment or plot sales.   We can advise and assist with Section 38, 104 and 106 Agreements, estate layout approval, detailed information packs for plot sales.  One of our team loves nothing more than throwing on her wellies to walk site boundaries and raise enquiries that you could only raise had you been on site !   Whether you are buying a plot of land for your first house build, or you are an experienced commercial property developer, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Commercial finance and refinance - over the past few years we have sought to strengthen the working relationships with our local lenders relationship teams.   We have a lot of experience dealing with a significant number of lenders and understand in detail their requirements.    This helps us to ensure the commercial process is as smooth as possible and that all parties involved are fully informed and work closely together - this avoids the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing !   A  testimonial from a local business relationship team "NM stands heads and shoulders above most of the other local commercial property specialists.   Quite simply, they care and get the job done in a very practical way - both myself and the customer always know what is going on - and if there is an issue they have a proactive way of looking to resolve it"

Options - Joint Ventures - Conditional Contracts - Overage Agreements and Pre-emption Agreements- these agreements can be extremely complicated and at NM we have considerable experience negotiating for both commercial and residential land.  If you own a piece of land and you are looking to enter into an agreement with a developer then please call us before you start any negotiations as specialist advice is necessary to ensure your land is not locked up for years and years - and you receive the sum you are expecting without hidden deductions.

Pension Schemes - if you are looking to buy a commercial property through your pension scheme, then you need to instruct a solicitor who has experience complying with pension scheme regulations.  Please do not hesitate to call our team who can guide you through the process and liase with your professional trustees.