The experienced team at NM can advise on a wide range of commercial and corporate transactions.

So whether you are :-

  • expanding a business - perhaps looking to rent or buy commercial premises
  • moving from being a sole trader to setting up a company
  • a landlord or tenant needing technical advice
  • looking for commercial finance to increase your workforce or develop new products
  • a partner in a business needing partnership guidance
  • business owner needing to update commercial terms
  • an individual looking to build a residential portfolio
  • a developer interested in buying land for commercial or residential use

we can help.  

Estimate of Commercial Property fees - to obtain a detailed commercial property estimate please do not hesitate to call 01782 813315 or email Debby Hackney - email Debby  

Estimate of Corporate fees - please call Steve Kirwan on 01782 813315 or email Steve


Our residential team - If you are looking for a residential conveyancing quotation - please email or call :

Our Stafford Team : Tel 01785 252377

Jane Matthewman - email jane         Julie Goodwin - email Julie

Our Stoke on Trent team : Tel 01782 813315

Jodie Reece - email Jodie        Helen Hodgson - email Helen

or see further information on our NM Residential Property Page