Helping choose your options

We provide a free no-obligation opportunity for you to discuss your options, whatever difficulties you face or decisions you need to make. 

Is this suitable for you?

We will take some details from you and provide you with basic information as to your options for proceeding, whether that be legal advice & representation, mediation or indeed, some alternative service.

What is Included?

  • Consideration of any potential eligibility for legal aid based on a brief review of your current circumstances and financial position.
  • Provision of information in relation to the processes of Mediation and Collaborative Family Law.
  • Discussion of any fixed fee arrangement we may be able to offer.

What is not included?

  • Any case specific advice during this meeting.
  • Any follow on correspondence to you or other party.

Please call our family team at Stafford - 01785 252377 or Stoke - 01782 813315

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