What will happen to the children is the most worrying question most clients raise on a family breakdown.  Who gets the children? Do I get any financial support?  What if the other parent stops seeing them? What if the other parent is a risk to them?

Our specialists can answer all of the above queries and advise as to the best way forward for you, and our Financial Factsheet may also provide you with some further helpful information.



The family court will never get involved in matters relating to the arrangements for children on a family breakdown, unless there is a real need to do so.  The law encourages parents to continue to work together even after separation to meet the needs of their children. This is not always possible.

We can advise on sensible arrangements for children based on your circumstances and our knowledge of the law and local Judges view’s on matters. The Children Act sets out the law in relation to most elements of issues around child arrangements.  The general rule is that a child has a right to know and have time with both parents and their family members as long as it is safe and in their best interest to do so.

Please see our factsheet for more information on:-

  • Parental Responsibility
  • Children Act Court Proceedings
  • Child Arrangements Order (Previously contact and Residence Orders)
  • Specific Issue Orders including Change of a Childs Name
  • Cafcass
  • ​Mediation
  • Grandparents rights


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