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Natalie trained with Nowell Meller some years ago and returned in June 2017 having qualified in 2010 and has more than 10 years experience in Probate, Wills, Power of Attorney, Court of Protection and other Elderly client issues.

Natalie can advise in relation to:

  • Simple or complex Wills - together with associated tax planning and Property Trust Wills;
  • Power of Attorney - advising on General, Enduring or Lasting Powers of Attorney which includes preparing the documents, dealing with registration and submitting notices, if required
  • Grant of Probate applications - advising Executors, completing Inheritance Tax Forms, dealing with payment of Inheritance Tax (if applicable) obtaining the Grant and dealing with the administration of the Estate if required
  • Letters of Administration - advising the family, establishing who is entitled to benefit and helping to deal with an Estate where a person has died without making a Will
  • Court of Protection - preparing Court of Protection of applications to enable a person (known as a Deputy) to look after someone's financial affairs and sometimes health and welfare in the event they have lost mental capacity.  Nowell Meller can also act as Professional Deputies if required
  • Property Aspects - that relate to Wills and Probate matters such as dealing with a severance of tenancy and Assent of a property to beneficiaries

Clients: Natalie acts for a wide variety of clients whether they are preparing simple mirror Wills, complex Property Trusts or Disabled Trusts.  Some Executors simply require assistance in obtaining a Grant of Probate whereas others require our services for the Administration of the Estate as well.  Natalie appreciates that every client is different and can adapt our legal services to meet individual needs.

Natalie's approach: Natalie has many years experience in this area and appreciates that contacting a Lawyer possibly for the first time can be a daunting experience.  Natalie is friendly, approachable, sympathetic and plain talking which helps to make the experience as stress free as possible.

Contact Natalie: Tel: 01782 813315 or Email Natalie.    Natalie's assistant is Carole Hill - Email Carole.   

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Wills and Probate

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