SOLICITOR Commercial

Adam is a qualifed Solicitor, member of the Commercial Property and Corporate Services team working closely alongside Directors Steve Kirwan and Debby Hackney and colleague Michelle McQuillan.

Adam can assist and advise in relation to :

  • Landlord & Tenant matters - assisting in negotiation of heads of terms, grant or taking of a commercial lease, dealing with requests for consent to assign a lease or grant a sub lease.  Adam can also help regarding Landlord & Tenant Act notices;
  • Sale or purchase of commercial property - including preparation of contract pack for properties being sold at auction, advice re capital allowance and complex stamp duty cases, requirements for properties being acquired or sold by pension or charitable trustees;
  • Corporate - Adam assists Steve Kirwan in sale or purchase of companies whether by shares or assets and can advise with regard to shareholder agreements, shareholder disputes or company secretarial services;
  • Commercial finance - Adam assists Debby Hackney with regard to commercial refinance;

Clients : Adam and the team act for a number of charities, professional and faith organisations as well as a wide range of clients from manufacture, health, retail and service industry through to development and investors.    

Adam's approach:  He quickly gets to the heart of a problem, finds practical and workable solutions; works closely with a client's professional team including lenders, accountants and IFA's;  has a professional, polite and understanding manner and is used to working under pressure whilst keeping his cool.

Accreditations : Finalist for Keele University’s ‘volunteer of the year award’ in 2014; awarded the University’s ‘most engaged student of the year’ award in 2015; member of the University’s Student Staff Liaison Committee meeting with senior members of management to improve the course for all students at the Manchester campus. 

Contact Adam : Tel : 01782 813315 or  Email Adam

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T: 01782 813315 (DDI)
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Office address:
24 Market Place
Stoke on Trent

T: 01782 813315
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