STAFFORD CREMATORIUM - opening its doors to the public

On Saturday 18th May 2019, Jemma Blake - head of our Stafford Probate and Wills Team with colleagues attended Stafford Crematorium open day. 


Jemma explains - "On the day we arrived, with other professionals and charities, to answer as many queries  as possible that visitors had about making a Will or what a Power of Attorney involved.  We were also on hand to explain the Probate process as many family members simply do not know where to start when a loved one has passed away.  


We also met with the ladies who run the “Death Cafe” (their terminology not mine) which was certainly not as scary as it sounds and is a place where people can meet to chat, share memories and take advice. 


The Open Day was really well attended and many of the visitors we spoke with knew the importance of making a Will but simply hadn't set time aside to speak with someone and we were able to answer alot of questions to help point them in the right direction. 


There was even a tour of the crematorium itself for the inquisitive mind and to put myths to rest.  A wonderful day meeting so many friendly faces".