MOVING HOME - Lisa Harding's advice to buyers - simple as


Are you a first time buyer? Are you unsure on what the conveyancing process is? Are you worried about what is involved in buying your first home? At Nowell Meller we make the conveyancing transaction as simple as A, B, C …..


A – Approval. We will receive from the Seller’s Solicitors a Contract pack.  This provides information relating to the property you are buying, and it is our role to consider all of this, raise enquiries and ensure that the property will provide you with no issues and no problems on any future sale of it.

B – Bringing it all together.  On receipt of the Contract pack, we will also submit the searches we feel are required in respect of the property and area eg local authority, coal mining, environmental, and then when we receive replies to the enquiries we have raised, the results of your searches and a copy of your mortgage offer from your Bank or Building Society, we then bring all of the information together and invite you in to go through the file with your Conveyancer to then prepare the transaction for exchange and completion.

C – Completion.  When all parties, including yourself, in the chain have agreed a completion date then the file is prepared and exchanged and your agreed completion date is fixed at that time.  You will then know the actual day you are going to move on and receive the keys to your new home and future!

So - for a service which will take you from A to C with care, attention to detail and a down to earth approach - please call Lisa Harding on 01782 813315 or Email Lisa