So many times, family members come to see our Private Client Teams at Stafford and Stoke - when a loved family member or friend has been diagnosed with dementia.   Often, it is not possible for that loved one to make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) because they lack sufficient capacity to provide clear instructions.            

This is a heartbreaking situation for the family, who then have little alternative but to make an application to The Court of Protection who protects people in England and Wales who may not have the mental capacity to make certain decision for themselves.

The application to the Court is more expensive than making an LPA and takes longer to process - and at time when a family member needs to make decisions over their loved ones property, finances, health and welfare - they are unable to act without the appropriate Order.

At Nowell Meller we are trying to bring about a change of attitude when we act for clients - irrespective of age.  Let's be honest - none of us know what's around the corner and one of the highest causes of death in the UK is dementia and losing capacity can be related to many other incidents such as stroke, accidents, cancer treatment etc.

Therefore, every adult in the UK who would like to ensure the person they trust to deal with their affairs does so if they lose capacity - needs to make an LPA and Natalie Whitmore of our Stoke office and Jemma Blake of our Stafford office, will be more than happy to provide advice and guidance.